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Oki C510 | Oki C530 | Oki MC561 black high

Oki C510 | Oki C530 | Oki MC561 black high

Ref: 44469804

High capacity remanufactured black toner cartridge which is compatible with Oki C510 | Oki C530 | Oki MC561 Laser Printers.
Page yield: 5000 pages. OEM code: 44469804.

Oki C510 | Oki C530 | Oki MC561 black

OKI 510, OKI 530, OKI 561

At TONERMAN we produce quality refurbished OKI C510 toners by recycling empty original cartridges. At our UK Toner Re-processing Center, experienced printer technicians manufacture and individually test all OKI C510 toners to ensure their reliability and performance. TONERMAN OKI C510 toners are 100% guaranteed and act as direct replacements for originals. They operate seamlessly with your printer and will in no way impede its functionality or productivity. TONERMAN printing consumables are therefore an extremely economical option for any business/home printing environment without any comprimise to print quality.

Price: 19.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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