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Ricoh MP C3500 | Ricoh MP C4500 magenta

Ricoh MP C3500 | Ricoh MP C4500 magenta

Ref: 888610

High capacity remanufactured magenta toner cartridge which is compatible with Ricoh MP C3500 | Ricoh MP C4500 | Ricoh MP C3500ARDF | MP C4500ARDF | MP C3500ARDFe1 | MP C4500ARDFe1 Copier Printers.
Page yield: 17000 pages. OEM code: 888610.

Ricoh MP C3500 | Ricoh MP C4500 magenta

RICOH 3500 & 4500

At TONERMAN we produce recycled toners that cost a fraction of the price of original toners but in no way fall short in terms of print quaity and output. TONERMAN toners operate in complete synchronisation with your printer and due to our product confidence we offer a 100% guarantee. TONERMAN has become a reputable manufacturer of refurbished toners with many years of production experience. All toners are professionally processed and tested on site in the UK using only high quality toner and dependable component parts. This creates affordable and reliable toners ideal for use in office, printing and home environments alike.

Price: 29.45 (Including VAT at 20%)

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